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The Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

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While windows are often very subtle, they also have the potential to transform a room. Not only that, but windows are essential for letting the right amount of natural light into a room while providing insulation. If you are considering bay or bow windows for your home in the Pensacola area, read this article for help deciding between the two.

Bay windows are a series of windows that project outward from the wall of a building, forming a bay in a room. Bow windows also project outward from the wall like bay windows, but are curved rather than angled. Both windows can be made to fit a wide range of openings, and can accommodate seating and storage if the structure is made to hold the weight.

Because of their design, bay and bow windows allow you to enjoy more of a view than a normal window can offer. A bow window can sometimes give the illusion of offering a larger view; however, if a bay window is large enough, it is possible to sit closer to the window and enjoy more views to the side.

Because of their curved shape, bow windows often appear to be one large, curved window. This usually allows for more light to come into the home. If light is your primary concern, consult your local window installers for advice on where to place the window and how large to make it.

Bow windows date back to 18th century architecture in the United Kingdom. Bow windows were later adopted into the federal style of architecture in the United States in the late 18th and early 19th century. Bay windows started to appear during the early part of the English Renaissance.

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