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Preventing Air Leaks in Your Bay Windows

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Windows are essentially holes in your home, and unless they’re properly installed, they may leak over time. Bay windows with air leaks don’t just allow uncomfortable drafts to permeate your home; they can also force your indoor climate control to work harder and increase your monthly energy costs. To make your home more energy efficient and comfortable, you should block all the air leaks in your bay windows.


One great way to eliminate air leaks in your bay windows is to install an extra pane of glass. Storm windows may be placed on the interior or exterior of your windows, and some kinds can be removed and replaced at will. In the Pensacola area, storm windows are especially important during hurricane season, as they help protect against high winds and rain. If you’d rather not buy storm windows, consider covering your current windows with a special film.


The leak in your bay window will most likely be around the edges. If you find a place where air blows through, cut a piece of weatherstripping and put it on the leak. Experts recommend applying a piece of weatherstripping that extends about ½-1 inch beyond the leak on each side. To make sure the leak is blocked, add caulk to the weatherstripping.


If your bay window is a few decades old, insulation and weatherstripping may not be enough to block the leak. A wood frame can warp and rot over time, leaving gaps for air to enter or escape the home. To block air leaks for good, consider having a professional install replacement windows. This is an excellent opportunity to get the most beautiful and energy-efficient windows on the market.

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